Mr. Charles D.

"I Charles, have been a resident here for the last two and half months. If I had to recommend anybody going any place, this would be the number one place I would recommend. The staff, from Kelly on down gave the upmost treatment you could have and they’re the friendliest people. They put the patients first. It’s been a joy and a blessing being here and I will come back and I will always remember this place."

Mrs. Daisy R.

"My four boys picked Magnolias of Gaffney for me. They told me 'this is the place for you', and it is! I have a darling roommate. I am very satisfied here. The staff are all great to me. I play bingo and win a bunch! I enjoy the walking trail. Everyone has just been wonderful to me."

Mrs. Ruth T.

"I have made a lot of friends here and we get plenty of great food."

Mr. Spud M.

"I enjoy living here. The staff is real good. My favorite activities are playing rummy, bingo and going to the fish camp."

Mrs. Margaret L.

"I cannot say anything but good things about Magnolias of Gaffney. It's a great place to be. It's more like home to me than anywhere I've ever been. All of the staff is so nice. I enjoy the things we have to do here and going out and about. I just love being here."

Mrs. Grace C.

"I love it here at Magnolias. The employees are so nice to me. My favorites are Francis, Helen and my buddy Cindy. I enjoy the activities we are offered."